Saturday, February 21, 2015

My boyfriend's present

Hey everyone!

Valentine's Day has past last week!!  Sorry I didn't post this sooner (it's been a busy week).  I spent my V-day visiting my boyfriend in New York!  He's studying at a DO school in Middletown, NY.  We had a lot of fun studying/hanging out together!

Here's what he got me for Valentine's Day!

My boyfriend's gift

What do you think about homemade gifts from a guy?  My boyfriend likes to draw (and he's pretty good at it!) so he sometimes gives me drawings.  He even wrote in Japanese even though he hasn't formally studied the language!  It looks great, even if there's one small mistake in it (for Japanese learners, can you find it?).  Still, it's great!

Coffee + Kisses at a NY Starbucks

The Hershey chocolates are also special, though the actual chocolate is not special at all.  He wrote little instructions at the bottom of each Hershey Kiss.  They say things like, "Get a Kiss", "Massage...mmm..." and "Why I love you".  Basically it's a V-day game: when you eat one Kiss the other person has to follow the instructions written underneath it.  We played the whole time we were together, and it was really sweet.  <3

So all in all my NY trip was romantic and sweet!  Hope your holiday was great too!