Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Us the Duo

Have you heard of this music duo?

US the Duo
(Michael & Carissa Alvarado)
"Missin' You Like Crazy"

This was the first video I saw of them. I started listening to them when I began my long-distance relationship.

I love this couple! They mostly do covers of songs, but they also write their own songs. Their voices complement each other - it's so nice to listen to!

They're also happily married! According to their official website, they're musicians who lived on different sides of the country but fell in love. On YouTube, the proposal and their wedding videos have been posted. They also wrote their vows as a song, and it's featured in the animated film The Book of Life

"No Matter Where You Are"

I think anyone can see how much they love each other. Their love travels far into listeners' hearts, which is why I wanted to share their music with you!