Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chicago's Hot Spring

This week, I went to an onsen (hot spring resort) with friends!

Actually, it's really a 24-hour bath house called King Spa. And even though I say it's a bath house, it's no regular bath house. There are a lot of different kinds of saunas inside! You can also get facials and massages there too, and there's even a Korean style restaurant.

First, we went into the bath house. There are hot baths and a cold bath, so we went inside each one 3 times. The cold one was cold as ice! I wouldn't have done it if my friends weren't there encouraging me to do it with them. Super grateful for them!

We went to the saunas next. All the saunas were beautiful! Each sauna was also different. There was a gold sauna made of real gold. Another room had amethyst inside. I had such a good time relaxing in all the different rooms!

My favorite was the gold sauna. It was the first one, and so really made me feel great.